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Thread: How bad are my videos. (advices, tips, and critics are welcome)

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    Default How bad are my videos. (advices, tips, and critics are welcome)

    I live in Cuba, internet is illegal and when you have a connection is 3kbs so is impossible to have reference of otherīs people work. I want to know how i am doing from the shooting and editting point of view. I bough my 550d, 18-270mm, 50 f1.8 a year ago and I have been making these videos. (all the videos in that channel are mine)Thanks to everyone in advance.

    [Other videos deleted]

    [Sorry, EeDobarganes - ONE video per thread please, or the comments don't make sense.]
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    It think you have an eye for some good shots and have a lot of potential in putting together a good montage.

    Unfortunately neither the "arty" shots, nor the fast-cut editing work with the wobbly shots. I'd love to see the whole thing again but with stable shots.

    I didn't like the rapid succession fades through black at the start - a transition such as that is normally used to signify a change in place or time, but here it does neither.

    Nevertheless, I think you did a good job of injecting a feeling of excitement into what has teh potential to be a rather boring subject.

    i look forward to watching your others if you post each in a searate thread.

    I felt it could have done with a bit more of a narrative - which is quite easy with a train journey.

    The other thing I think could have been improved was the cutting from one shot to a slightly closer one - I'd have made the difference greater as the small amount you use looks like a jump cut.

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    I don't mind the fade to black transition but not used so much together. The problem I have with this is the fast cuts all the way through. I doesn't give the viewer time to take in the images. Some of which looked very good. I also had a problem with cutting from one shot to a very similar shot.

    I loved the cut at around 0:19 of the guy in the red top.

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    i liked it .... must have taken a week to upload at 3kbs

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    Funnily enough, I like it too. I'm normally the sworn enemy of wobbly shots, but these just add to the quirkyness of the soundtrack and the mood, which I think you nailed spot on.
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