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Thread: problem with auto opacity drop during velocity envelope

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    Default problem with auto opacity drop during velocity envelope

    Hi all,
    I've got a fairly specific problem. I have edited scenes of my movie in separate veggies. When I import the veggies into a master file (just nested timelines), I have had a lot of inexplicable problems, but one more specific one shines out. Shots where I have inserted velocity envelopes are dim (due to an opacity drop). In addition, points where the velocity is set to 100% are unaffected. Furthermore, when a velocity envelope is DOUBLY nested, the problem seems to go away, but VEGAS is then not able to handle the rendering and crashes. Any ideas? The opacity slider is unaffected, and this ONLY happens when the timelines are nested once. Also, it only happens when rendered and not during a preview. I've tried different codecs and the problem is always there.


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    As described, this certainly sounds like a bug - I don't know whether you can still open a ticket with SCS on version 9.
    I presume you have tride this with other clips and other projects - to confirm that you can replicate this issue.

    My only suggestion to try would be to turn on "force resampling". The clue here is that when you have velocity envelopes doubly nested the problem appears to go away and my thought is that when you use velocity envelopes it must resample.

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    It sounds like Vegas is confusing the velocity envelope for the Composite envelope. If Sony can't solve the issue for you, as a work around could you copy & paste the time lines of the different projects rather than nesting the veggies this might get rid of the error. I've never dare try nesting more than a couple of .veg files in a project as it seems to me to be pushing the software to it's limitations, when you push anything to the extreme edge, you are bound to find wrinkles, especially in software.

    I know this doesn't solve your issue but might help as a work around to get your movie finished.

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    If you haven't, try rendering a small "affected" Selection to an uncompressed format. If this works, then the previous format was attempting to produce an output, rendered file that was missing the processing required. If that doesn't work then you'd need to contact SCS to get their thoughts.

    When I'd have/had any issues, comparing final render to preview, I render to uncompressed to ascertain just what and where the issue resides.

    Another thought I had, is what have you set your build RAM preview to? If you are rendering a known CPU hog process - Multi-nests - then you'd really need to keep the ram as free as possible. Maybe something like 16mb!

    Not being a programmer, nor mathematician, I've got a healthy respect for being pragmatic. If you can't get the truck and trailer up that hill, unhitch the trailer and decide to transport the contents of the trailer bit by bit.

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    I had fooled with the resampling method to no avail (not sure exactly what it is to be honest). The problem was fully reproducable, regardless of compression. In a previous project, I had copy/pasted all of the events into the master file from daughter vegies, but with up to twenty tracks (ah thank you Vegas for near unlimited tracks) with different FX and gains... It would have been a nightmare transferring those over. Instead, I had to settle for the most pragmatic of all possible solutions, export all of the daughter veggies to lossless and reconstruct the master vegie from those. The fidelity hurts in the long run, but when the intended audience is 700 drunk engineering students, it isn't that important, is it?

    Thanks folks.

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