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    I have a 1080p footage and was wondering if its possible to create those two black bars without creating 2 solids and losing a percentage of the footage. Is it possible to somehow render it by maybe downsizing the video ratio??

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    Well there is 3 wayes that will happen:
    1- you will lose top and bottom of your clip.
    2- the movie will be stretched from only up and down and it will become squieesed.
    3- your movie will be stretched from both sides means it will have 2 black bars in left and right too means the movie will become small.
    But if you choose any ways above converting programs like Carbon Procoder or any editing program will do this for you. I hope it helps.

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    It really depends on how you shot the video. If you shot the video using an ultra wide angle lens then stretching it would not be such a big difference. I would suggest what spido said, just use a program like Final Cut or even After Effects and scale the video down. In my opinion, a scaled down video will produce better quality if it's encoded correctly.

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    Do you have Adobe media Encoder? If so how I do it is...

    Take in my HD footage, Down-scale it using one of the presets.
    Then use the "crop" function, Maybe set the crop for the top and bottom to about 14 points? Check the out-put window, Make sure there are no black bars on the sides, Adjust the points on the crop function to get rid of them.

    With this method, You can batch convert a whole mess of files easily.

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