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Thread: how to create these effects?

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    Default how to create these effects?

    1)jonah hex trailer-that blur effect in 25 sec.
    'Jonah Hex' Trailer HD - YouTube

    2)broken saints trailer-what is this effect in the 14 sec?
    Broken Saints Live Action Trailer - YouTube


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    I don't know if there is a name for it but I think I know how it's done. As you've posted in the Adobe section I presume this is the software you are using. Unfortunately I don't use it so I'll have to talk in general terms.

    1. Create a slight zoom into the picture or use a piece of footage that is zooming in a little. Then you will have to duplicate the clip on a track below the original. Make the top track about 50% transparent and slowdown the zoom by just a frame or so. This as I say is just a general way of doing it, you would have to adjust things accordingly. There may be more to it than that but this is the main part of the FX. It will give you an opportunity to be creative and make something original.

    2. This is just a transition which is a dissolve though luminance of similar.

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    In Sony Vegas the second one s done using the Sunburst lens effect, key-framed to move right to left

    The first one , well just play /experiment it's the best way to learn and find your own style,

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    Thank you both for your comments,I was eager to know how to create the first Fx. Now, I don't have Sony Vegas, but for the second effect,look at the "ending" of the transition(14 sec) this look is what that interests me,any Idea how to get this in AE?

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