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    I made this short film a couple of years ago when I was trying to get into making videos for real. As in trying to learn proper techniques and processes. This was a submission for the course. There were several factors involved in the end result. Storywise it is probably lacking. It is actually 'experimental', so it is more about the style and feel rather than actual story. I had real fun doing it but have not tried anything similar since. Most of the stuff I do now is of a documentary style. The film I'm linking here is meant to be noir, but in the style of Taggart and possibly The Bill. There were limitaions and little niggles with it that I am well aware of. But any pointers from the experts is always welcome. On a side note, the police arrived on the scene and asked if I was filming a Channel 4 documentary. Someone had reported the screaming, so at least that was proof of the 'realism' I was going for! I had to ask the actor to prove he was alive! My tip to others, let the Police know in advance if you are filming any scenes like this. Luckily they saw the funny side.

    Bad Samaritan quick-flick Short Film - YouTube

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    I found the narrative hard to understand but then again there wasn't really much to the story. You had a mix of some really good stuff and some not so good stuff. Nearly every shot was not level was that intentional ? I don't see how the forwards and backwards section at around 2:55 added much to things, we get that he was pissed but you over sold that bit taking away time for more narrative. There was a continuity error just after that with the ground being wet but the rest of the video it's dry.

    I don't think it was over bad just that it didn't really tell us about the people involved, except on a very superficial level.

    Good effort.

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