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Thread: PRoblem with HDV playback

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    Default PRoblem with HDV playback

    Just recently, I'm having a problem with playback in my Sony Z1U HDV video camera (it's about 6 years old). When it's playing a tape it has shot in HDV, often the IMAGE doesn't show up on the screen (the screen stays blue), although the timecode is running. Or, the image may show up, but frozen for a few seconds - then the timecode skips a few seconds, and so does the image.

    Does this mean my playback head is getting old?

    I tried cleaning the head (with the Sony Headcleaning tape) but it didn't seem to make a difference.


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    If you recorded with a dirty head then clean the head, when you play the tape back it might not play back properly if it didn't record properly. Have you tried a different tape ?

    Has the camera had a knock ? Are the tapes old ? Have you looked at the head for any visible signs of dirt or wear. There could be a number of reasons these are just a few mechanical reasons.

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