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Thread: Very new to this. First video ever.

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    Default Very new to this. First video ever.

    Hey guys. I am new to editing all-together. I just finished building a computer that can handle the editing without a problem and the acquired Edius 6. I grabbed some old football tapes and this is the result of my first effort. I am very raw. Any comments would be appreciated. Also, does anyone use Edius for their editing?

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    I haven't used |Edius in a while but found it to be a good solid piece of software. It could handle any format I through at it. I also found the codecs to be quite good.

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    I used Edius 6 for a while i think it was recommended my Midnight Blue at the time. Like the man says it could accommodate all formats. Some of the colour filters were very good too. Slight problem was the lack of online tutorials and help compared with other editing programs.

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    It's good for someone who's just starting out. You did a good job of changing plays on hits in the music and lining up certain things that happened in the plays with the music as well. It's pretty basic, but well done, again, for someone just starting out. If it were really for hyping up the players, I would've put in footage from a movie and added audio from it and stuff like that. I used to do the same thing when I was in high school for the football team.

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    i rly like ur handling with transitioning between footages, rly good


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