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    I have recently shot some vision of my Canon XL1 and also a Sony HD (first time). The Canon was set to standard PAL but when editing I realised the Sony was shooting in PAL 16:9 . If I import into Final Cut and edit them down what will be the end result on DVD. At the moment what I have done is cropped the top and bottom of all vision shot on the XL1 in 4:3 to match the Sony vision but will that work out cool or will it look crappy on wide screen?

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    Yeah - I did his with a series of shots - some on 16:9 and some on 4:3 - compiling them all at 4:3 seemed to be the best - otherwise I got tall skinny people!

    However the 16:9 on 4:3 mode does crop the screen edges (smaller picture).

    I read a comment elsewhere in these forums that 16:9 was used all the time and this seems to be the best compromise - I note our TV stations are now doing this - a small black band top and bottom and some trimming of the edges on 4:3 TV's.

    Incidentally - compilers may grump about the mix of formats, claiming the resultant DVD may not work too well on some players - so far my mixed DVD has worked OK - but it's not something I will repeat (mixed formats).

    Cheers - pjay


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