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Thread: Sexy and I know it - A-cappella cover + new editing technique

  1. Red face Sexy and I know it - A-cappella cover + new editing technique

    Used a lot of Photoshop for this one... I usually don't do it.. but it actually gave a lot of new possibilities in terms of editing :P

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    Really, really good.
    Loved 1:27-1:29 with the attention to detail getting the shadows of the fingers.

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    good stuf

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    Nice video but I don't like the song. I like the boarders you made in Photoshop. Happy New Year.

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    what FX are used on the vocal ? at first i thought it was slightly vocoder'ed but now im thinking harmoniser ?

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    I'm editing the audio on cubase 5... it has a built in system for pitch correct and auto tune called vari-audio..

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    Thanks. It doesn't sound like auto tune ! which incidentally i cant stand.

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