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    Using basic software but full version of Debut and Videopad as well as having Movie Maker. Operating system = windows 7

    I am able to capture video from my JVC GY HD 101 with IEEE1394 cable but no sound. Plugging in headphones to the camera sound monitoring jack reveals that the sound was recorded on tape.

    Sound card = ONBOARD 6 CHANNEL (5.1) HIGH DEF AUDIO

    I'm pretty sure that it is not the software at fault but could anyone tell me what checks I can do to eliminate the software or the system as the culprits


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    No Replies, means no simple answer is my guess....

    I'm not clear if this has happened recently? _ Was it OK until some event, perhaps?

    Otherwise: -I'd be inclined to try recording in 2-ch Stereo.
    However, if the headphone skt provides the Audio... can't you use this to add the missing sound? . . . yes, it a fudge, but until you have a fix it might get you by.... ( Maybe you're doing this and need a proper fix, Sorry).

    OR, Try Mfr (JVC), Website FAQ's - it may be a known issue . . . .
    ...Sorry no better ideas....

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