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Thread: Output Format Question... Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

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    Default Output Format Question... Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

    OK, so I am a newbie here with the Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11, and have been going nuts for the last three days. I have been watching the Tutorials, and the “Show me how’s”, but not sure where I am missing the info. I am trying to find out what settings I should use when I make a movie so that I can hear the Audio through my Bluray to watch.

    Here’s my temporary problem, after I make a movie on Vegas Studio and put the video on a SD Card that I want to play on my Bluray Player, I always get a message saying that “The Audio Format is not compatible”.

    Question: Is there an easy way I can find out what settings I should be using for the Output Formats?

    Here are my Blu-ray playable formats:MPEG2
    MPO (3D Still Picture)

    What I have done:
    1. First I hit, “Make Movie”
    2. Then I choose, “Save it to my Hard Drive”
    3. I have tried the following Output Formats,
    1. “Main Concept MPEG-2”

    • HDV 1080-60i
    • Blu-ray 1440x1080 – 60i, 8 Mbps video stream
    1. SONY AVC /MVC

    • AVCHD 1920x1040 – 60i
    1. Then I drag it onto the SD Card.

    Optional Read: How I got into this spot.
    I was using the basic “Windows Movie Maker” for my home videos. Then my son joined the Military and was sending home SD Cards, and vice versa. But the Blu-ray did not handle .wav format so I went looking for software that I could use to convert the videos into a compatible format. After a lot of looking into I picked Vegas as the tool to do this.

    Thanks so much, any help would be appreciated.

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    Do you have separate sound and video files or are they combined. You seem to be choosing the right rendering options but if your player finds the sound uncompatable they is some problem with the sound side of things that Vegas is doing. Look in your players manual to see what audio formats it can use then make a seperat video and audio file in the right format. If they are both called the same thing (except for the extention) and copied onto the card I don't see why they wouldn't play.

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