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    Hello all

    I'm very new to video editing and would be grateful for any help.
    I recently bought a Climax Digital video capture device to digitise and upload old camcorder tapes, and I'm now trying to edit the footage using Arcsoft Showbiz software which came with the device. I'd like to be able to add text to my video but despite following the instructions, I'm getting nowhere. I'm wondering whether the software provided is a simplified version which doesn't have the capabilities I need. I should be able to select a text style, drag it on to my video clip and then edit it. But this just doesn't work. Are there different versions of this software.

    I would be grateful for any advice that could help me.


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    If you plan to do anything other than a few very basic edits, you'd be well advised to invest in something which is more common and hence better supported in the community. You may well still end up using the Arcsoft stuff to capture, but after that, i strongly recommend you use Vegas Movie Studio or Adobe Premiere Elements. Others are available, Pinnacle Studio is excellent in terms of simplicity but has has reliability issues in the past, the Ulead, Serif and Magix problems have their fans but have a much smaller user base.

    Sorry that doesn't answer your question!

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    Hi Tim
    Thanks for your reply to my previous question. I've only just found it; still getting used to how this site works having just returned to it. It does sound like a good idea to try new software. I did resolve the particular question I asked about before but now have some new issues which I posted about yesterday. My problem is; although I had no problems capturing three, 19 year old cassettes, I'm currently trying to capture some newer ones (only 14 years old!). However, I keep getting error messages saying Cannot record video, the current material is write protected. I did read something online saying that ArcSoft was particularly sensitive and would respond to minor tape defects with this message. Do you think the other packages you mentioned would give the same problem.

    Thanks in anticipation

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