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Thread: i NEED help please

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    Talking i NEED help please

    hey guys im stock with something newbish.. by the way im new here at the forums.. so my problem is about sony vegas movie studio platinum 11.. a window called "video media generators" got stucked of screen! i accidentaly losen my hold on the left click while dragging it around... i've tried to reinstall.. change the screen resolution.. but nothing happens... i need some really big help guys.. im a 14 year old kid begging for mercy.. hehe thanks in advance

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    Do you mean the Media Generators "tab" or the edit box for the the media generator (ie where you edit the parameters).
    If the former, check you have it set to display (View | Media Generators should be ticked - or Alt+9)
    If so and/or the latter, you've dragged it towards the edge of teh creen - possibly off. First check under the Windows toolbar (move the toolbar to the edge or top of the sceen and this may reveal it)

    Failing that close Vegas, change the screen resolution, open Vegas, locate the missing window, move it. Close Vegas, reset the screen resolution.

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    What help!!

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    I don't believe a 'clean' reinstall would remember that you lost a toolbar in a time before it even existed .


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