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Thread: Trace Productions 1st video - channel startup

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    Hey guys - just started a new entertainment channel - first video after having been edited and filmed for almost half a year is finally released. please check it out and subscribe. Will subscribe in return

    Sean Dexter 'Power-up' Showreel - YouTube

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    I only just stuck it out. The opening shots are extremely over produced with so much flashing and out of focus stuff it seeems destined to induce epilepsy into people who've never suffered from it. Farr too much in my opinion.
    Then it settled down into something mre watchable. but once one has been impressed by a few moves it rather becomes more of the same and the only real iterest is seeing if one can recognise the locations.
    i've no doubt it would be of much more interest tom parkour (if that's what it is - it may be free running for all i know) enthusiasts, but I suspect even they will struggle with the beginning.

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    I agree with Tim. The other thing that stuck me was thr repetition of the moves. You shot some moves from different angles but rather than cutting these together you showed the move then showed it again but from a different angle. This should have been cut more like, the begining of the move angle 1, then cut to angle 2 in the middle of the move, then cut to angle 3 at the end. This would have give the piece the pace it needed.

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    ^^ thanks for the honest feedback! This is my first edit using Premiere Pro - so still getting to grips with compiling action shots. Will bare your advice in mind!

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