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    Hello, I am going to be buying a laptop in the very near future. Many people have suggested a mac when I informed them I wanted to do video editing as well as music production. The salesmen at future shop was telling me to get the 13" macbook pro as it is the most cost friendly and capable of doing everything I require of it. I will be needing something portable to use when I am at work. I was originally thinking of getting the 15" though am now having second thoughts on to weather or not I need something that powerful yet. I am still a beginner in both domains of editing and music production. If anyone can post there thoughts on weather or not I should get the more affordable 13" over the 15" please do. Reasons why would also be appreciated.

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    It's a bit passť to recommend macs to anyone expressing an interest in video, particularly if they've never used one before. If you're use to windows, budget is an issue, and you want a wide range of choice, it's probably not the route I'd recommend. Throw in he fact a 13" has been suggested, and I think you've been given a bum steer.

    I suggest you go to a mac store and spend at least an hour playing with a mac. Take a look at the settings and generally have a good nosy around. Ask the apple techs if you can play with final cut. Also consider what camera you will be using: on my last look, final cut express couldn't handle avchd.

    Then start comparing prices to windows machines, and factor in the price of software. After all of that, if you still think a mac is you best option, then you've made the right decision!

    I love apple stuff - I have a mac mini, iPhone, iPad and apple tv. But I use adobe premiere on windows to edit. Why? Because it worked out 50% cheaper. I might edit on a mac one day, but I haven't yet been able to justify the cost.
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    Listen to (or rather read) what Marc says. It's excellent advice and totally unbiased coming from an Apple fan. You'll get very frustrated trying to edit video on a 13" screen.
    The only real shame is that there is unlikely to be somewhere where you can spend an hour or so playing on a PC loaded with Adobe Premiere (/Elements) or Vegas (/Movie Studio) to be able to get a feel for PC editing software, but there is no doubt you will get good community support on either of those products.

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    Thanks guys, that's definitely helpful advise which is much appreciated. The only question I have now is if I was to get the 15" would that be sufficient for video editing? or am I going to need a 17" + screen to do so comfortably? Please note that to begin with I will be editing video footage that I plan to use for 3-5 min youtube videos.. Feature length films would be nice to eventually progress to however I am thinking more along the lines of entertaining/educational video skits & music videos.

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    It's pretty much down to personal preference. Put simply, a bigger workspace (I.e. bigger screen size at a higher resolution) will make editing easier - you'll see more of the timeline, greater sized preview screens and generally less clutter. But if you're after a laptop, you'll want portability. 15" will be a nice trade off between workspace size and portability.

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