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Thread: Hello all..a bit of help please..

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    Default Hello all..a bit of help please..

    Hope this is the correct place to post this question..I am trying to set up a rig using my samsung galaxy s2 phone and use a zoom q3 audio/vga recorder for the sound.
    Any suggestions on how to mount these 2 in the most usable place..What could i use?

    Just need some ideas,been using a couple of tripods and trying to utilize these to no avail,prefer both to be mounted on one piece of hardware for eas of use and portability.

    Also do you think this combination should be able to produce some descent movies..

    Thanks Gary

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    Sorted the rig put,will post some photos tomorrow evening..worked out really nice and you would think it was a bought piece of equipment it looks that good...hope you will like..

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    I'm all for budget solutions. Let's see those pics.

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    Im not a Galaxy user but I'm interested in seeing the pictures!

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    Default photos as promised...

    Here are the photos as promised,the centre column is actually a centre part of a good qaulity tripod,the phone holder is a satnav holder,sturdy and perfect fit.The bracket holding the satnav holder is a handlebar bracket for the satnav holder,therefore fits perfect and neat around the column.Foam handle added and optional weight at botton..
    All in all works well.

    Any thoughts on it?

    Link to photos as couldnt ge them uploaded for some reason.

    movie setup - a set on Flickr

    Thanks Gaz

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    wow very impressive! good job mate!


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