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Thread: Confused tm700 and 24p

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    Default Confused tm700 and 24p

    I bought a Panasonic tm700 a few month ago and I am confused with its ability to shot 24p. I use Cinema Digital mode, 1920HA, 12x zoom mode, and set the shutter speed at 1/24 and 1/48 so I guess it shots in 24p, but when I copy my shots in my computer and open property in HDWriter and it says 30 fps and in sony vegas pro 10 it says 29,970fps.

    I am a totally newbie and I wonder if it is possible to have 1/24 shutter speed and 30 fps?

    When I bought my camcorder I first wanted to be able to shoot 24p. Am I wrong??

    Is it possible to shoot real 24p with my camcorder?

    Thanks alot!

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    You need to look into pulldowns. The 24p is converted to 60i in the camera. So you are getting 60i from the camera right enough, but it is made up of frames that were captured at 24p. If you look into reverse telecine or 2:3 pulldown removal you will get the true 24p footage from the 60i file.


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    I've had a quick look at the spec on this camera and it doesn't say anything about a 24p mode. ON the English PAL version it shoots 1080 50p or 50i. Setting the shutter speed is different to setting the frame rate. Frame rate is the number of individual images per second and the shutter speed is the number of times per second that light hits the sensor. It kind of electronically opens and shuts the iris a number of times per second. Setting the shutter speed at 1/24 means that the shutter will open 24 times ever second, this does not mean it takes a picture every 24th of a second.

    Hope this clears up your query.

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    HDC-HS700/HDC-TM700/HDC-SD700/HDC-SD600 | HD Camcorder | Panasonic Global

    I had found it:

    <Motion Image>
    [60i / 60p] Auto Slow Shutter
    ON : 1/30-1/8000, video flash: 1/30-1/500
    OFF : 1/60-1/8000, video flash: 1/60-1/500
    [24P] Auto Slow Shutter
    ON : 1/24-1/8000, video flash: 1/24-1/500
    OFF : 1/48-1/8000, video flash: 1/48-1/500

    with that information is it possible that my footage were shot at 24fps but they were converted at 29,970fps because of the ntsc standard?

    If yes is it possible to go back to 24fps without having frames mixed together and have a clean 24p motion like the T3i for example?

    Btw I'm thinking about switching to a DSLR.

    I apologize for the way I speak, my first language is french!

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    It's not a true 24 fps. It is shooting 30 fps but the slow shutter speed gives it "the appearance of" a 24 fps. If you have a fast shutter speed it can give a sharp but jerky out put, if you have a slow shutter speed it will give a smoother but often blurry look in the fast moving images. I can't tell the difference between 30fps and 24fps shot with the same shutter speed.

    I think offering 24p is a kind of sales gimmick which attracts less experienced film makers to look at that type of camera. Much more important is the way a scene is lit and framed, than the frame rate it is shot in. This is especially true for PAL users who have 25fps as the standard playback rate. BUT even at the NTSC 30fps this is not so important. If you really want your video to be 24fps then render it out at 24fps and see what it looks like.

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    Most PAL consumer level, and many higher level, camcorders don't do 24p they do 25p instead, the NTSC versions do 24p. They tend to capture at true 24p and use a pulldown to get it into a 60i (29.97 fps) stream, this is often the same for 30p. In video cameras this goes back to the method they used for getting various frame-rates onto DV/HDV tapes and while the technology is still being used with some card based cameras it is becoming less so.

    Originally it was used for getting 24fps film ready for television broadcast and later on to VHS.

    Your camera is getting 24p, it is just breaking up and reordering the frames in a 60i stream.

    As before, look into pulldowns or reverse telecine to get it back in post.

    Try this:

    24p, 60i, telecine | ShedWorx

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