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Thread: Hip-Hop Vid Repost (location only)

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    Arrow Hip-Hop Vid Repost (location only)

    Hello agin
    Here is a music video we did for a friend not too long ago. This is far more simple than our previous one, but the camera operator by now was slightly more experienced with using a DSLR. This is a zero budget project filmed in a short day, sometime last year in and around London. It would be nice to hear what people think of this and how your views contrast to comments on our previous post.

    Please leave a comment, they all help.


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    I'm no expert in the Hip Hop video field but this seemed very competent for what it is. You seemed to get a good performance out of the talent had a good variety of shots, I even liked the one colour transparent effect with underlay, it's very retro but retro is very in at the moment.

    Nice job.

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    Thanks for the input Midnight Blue Prod.

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