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    Default camcorder purchasing question

    Hi everyone.

    so until recently I owned a panasonic gs320 series camcorder, that decided to break not to long ago, since its a few years old anyhow its time for a new camcorder.

    I have been looking at this one
    HDR-CX130/B | Full HD Memory Card Camcorder | Sony | Sony Style USA

    so far, its main selling points for me being its high def, and has a 37mm lens filter meaning I can fit my trusty opteka 0.3 fisheye to it ( I film skateboarding)
    However the camera has a wide angle lens built into it.

    Would a wide angle lens thats built into screw with how footage would look when using the fisheye ? if so, how ?

    cheers in advance people

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    anyone able to help ?

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    I've had a look at some test footage and there doesn't appear to be any barrel distortion. The worst case scenario is that the image becomes too distorted by adding your lens.
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