Hy people im looking for some whelp / advice..

I've been shooting video's for websites doe some time, last year i gore my first HD cam which is the HDR-CX350E, cost me 700 at the time i bought it as it was High Def, small, nice looking & had a hot shoe on top.. its avched, im not to keen on that.. besides that from that its not a broadcast quality camera

Few months ago i sealed a deal with a TV company and shot a series with use of an Canon XH A1 i borrowed from a friend.

After this it was time for me to buy my own broadcast quality video camera, without much research i decided to go for the Sony HVR-A1E because of its compact size.. i got what i thought was a great deal on e bay 950 like new with lots of exsessories..

Ive shot with the HVR-A1E twice now and im very disappointed with the picture quality, im wondering if there is something wrong with the camera.. picture looks, very grainy or noisy.. gets much worse in low light

I've now read that the camera is not good in low light.. i usually shoot indoors with daylight or with daylight temperature lights..

Basicly the HDR-CX350E looks crystal clear compared to the HVR-A1E, the HVR-A1E does not look like its producing an acceptable standard picture, im not sure if its the settings, a faulty camera or if it can only work in perfect light..

Any help and advice apreciated, i guess i may need to sort a sample from the cam, i'll look at doing that now