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    Question Multiple Screen Shooting

    Hello! Thanks for taking the time here...

    Anyway, I want to record two people in my apartment doing a skit. They will both be sitting and talking in a conversation of sorts. I have two HP webcams, and a hand held video cam.

    But what I think I need to know for now, is--how do I shoot using three video cameras simultaneously...using the same PC...for all three cameras at the same time--as they shoot?

    I have Windows 7 64-bit Home Premium. I'm looking for the best software to enable this kind of simultaneous multi-video-recording input into my HP Pavilion PC (as recording happens).

    If Windows 7 offers this ability, I would certainly like to know--would save me money anyway--.


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    PS: Put a bit more clearly I hope, I need to let three cameras record at the same, so that each is enabled by my PC...all of them simultaneously recording, that is.

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    ( . . With luck someone will have done this; and can say "Ah yes, you need . . . . " . . )

    If Not:
    Let's see, you have three cameras feeding live video into one Win7 PC.
    Indeed, I wonder that the quality will be up to much as the " total data-rate" will have to be low enough so the PC can cope. This might be something like a small-shop security camera set-up.

    Perhaps you can explain why you want to use Two "webcams" which traditionally have poor performance? (but feel free to give us Tech Spec). Also what camcorder are you using that provides a video-out for recording "live" to the same PC...? (Tech details too, pse.). One reason might be the low-data-rate, but that will affect quality.

    I would have thought the conventional approach is to set up one camera, do the "Takes" that needs, do scene changes as required set the camera again. The camcorder would record to SDHC memory and when finished you transfer to the PC.
    By having a "storyboard" plan for the shooting, it should be possible to minimise the camera-position changes - - - but you did say this shoot required 3-cameras, running together.... It just seems that is creating additional difficulty, compared with a main camera and "cutaways" which will probably be quite short, perhaps as Person 2 replies, or performs some action which Person 1 looks at (so the viewers want to know what he's seeing.).

    For me, I think further detail is needed.....
    Whilst having the whole shoot over in 1-go, might seem attractive (please explain?), the downside is the complexity of the camera angles, so they don't get in each-others way. Then, there is the Audio . . . . arrgh!

    ( . . With luck, someone will have done this; and can say "Ah yes, you need . . . . " . . )

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    If it's just two people sitting and conversing, this would actually be easy to set up with three cameras and sound (a two-shot and a one-shot on each actor) albeit rather unimaginitive.
    But you're far better off using one decent camera and recording separate takes.
    It will (should) also force you to do as vidmanners says and actually storyboard the shoot. This will make you think about when to change camera and why. It will also force you to get the scipt well written and well rehearsed.

    If you're thinking it would be better to record in one take because you're planning to do a lot of improvised stuff - well your team may be talented enough to do that, but my money would be on a much better skit if you script, rehearse and plan properly.

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    I agree, I only ever do multicam shoots for live events which are not tightly scripted, It's really risky to try to land it all in one solid take with 3 separate camera mixes live and if you cox it up, You have to do it again anyway.

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