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    Default Proxy Editing Tutorial

    This is a tutorial by me showing a faster of way to work on HD projects if you're experiencing lag. This is my first so I was kind of nervous. Merry Christmas!

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    Whilst I applaud any efforts to help people with a tuorial, this was rather poor, all you have done is explained how to create low quality clips to allow a faster preview.
    Anyone following this will end up with a 480x480 MPEG-2.

    The whole point of a proxy file is that you swap it out for the real footage before the final render - this should have been explained and instrution given if you want to make a really useful tutorial.

    Quite apart from that the tutorial was unprepared (a large part of it was spent watching whilst you located your files) and the audio was atrocious, which makes it a very difficult watch. I'm always surprised when people who are enthusiasts for making videos settle for making such poor quality tutorials (this is far from the worst example I've seen).

    But well done for having a go. At least the information is there, with links to Eugenia's site.

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