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Thread: Video volume in Sony Vegas 9 Platinum

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    Default Video volume in Sony Vegas 9 Platinum

    Hello everyone. I have a question - how to watch a video but to listen to the sound of the audio track I added? I've searched around the net but havent found anything. Can someone tell me how to do it? Thanks

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    No, no, I mean I have a video and a song and the thing I want to do is to watch the video but not to listen to the sound of it but the sound of the song.

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    Roght, then you need to mute the track that you do not want to hear, a mute button can be found on the track header (far left were the sliders are)

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    Yes, I tried that already, but when I press the mute button, the video becomes black and I can still hear the sound of it

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    May I suggest some one to one training it will help solve all

    Read my previous response again

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    Is sweetsisi confusing Mute on the video track header (Left of timeline)?
    The Mute there kills the video (so you'd expect it to show black, if that's all that's underneath).
    To the left of the Audio tracks there is yet another "Mute" button - this should kill the audio, then only an alternative audio track will play. Mute doesn't mean "mute" - it means "Mute" - as only software can.

    On the subject of VSv11, it doesn't surprise me that the "extras" aren't quite what we expect - that's the nature of Software - give punters the good stuff drip by drip.
    However I noticed under the Knowledge-base (sony creative) there are four graphic cards singled out, two are "nvidia" if I recall (I was searching for something else). A graphic shows fab increases in Render times, like they ae 1/3 the time! (Yes Wow!). But you'll have to find it, as I didn't note the link, sorry. Didn't realise it could be important.

    I followed a 1-hr Tutorial (sony creative) on v11 (VStudio) and I was impressed; but again it may be different when you come to use it yourself. I think the point of ProTitler using the Preview window is that it improves positioning, since hand/eye are together, making it easier to position Text around an irregular image underneath, perhaps.
    + The older titler is still there - so existing .vf files are able to be imported.
    I understood VSv11 also includes 3D titles, but as this is the first version, they may not be super-duper....

    The way Pro-Titler was shown it looked like it could do almost any animation effect, like each letter was on its own Keyframe (BUT I have no User-experience of this version, being happy enough with v10). IMHO ProTitler looked to be worth the update fee (e.g. via Amazon) - cheaper to buy the full-version than an upgrade - Does anyone know if existing users can choose this route, or will Sony block a fresh install? Ooer.

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