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Thread: Rendering chages aspect ratio help

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    Default Rendering chages aspect ratio - vergas hd 9


    Iv been trying to render some basic video clips so i can then burn to a dvd, but everytime i render it comes out in 4:3 , as againt 14:9 which the video clips are in. It showes the file thumbnail as 4:3, and when burned to a dvd will play in 4:3, but when played in media player from the file, it plays in 16:9
    Iv ever had this problem before.

    can anybody shed anylight onto why its doing this?

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    Check that you have 16:9 aspect ratio set in the render settings and not 4:3 Choose the DVD Widscreen template.

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    How do i do that?
    cant see any simple box to chose between ratios.

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    problem solved.
    didnt like 1080, so tried 720

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    You should be using MPEG2 at 720x576 widescreen (if UK PAL)

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