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Thread: Things may not be as they seem!

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    Default Things may not be as they seem!

    Things may not be as they seem - I must be very careful how I word this as I have no wish to cause offence. On the whole members of this Forum are polite and helpful in their replies to questions from the beginner to the expert, from the young and those of us who are not so young - and long may this continue. However, occassionally (and I do mean occassionally) a response is perhaps a little sharp, and I did experievnce such a response several years ago when I made the mistake of using the wrong terminology. To continue, earlier this year I had the misfortune to suffer a TGA (transient global amnesia) whereby I lost my memory and although most of it has now come back there were still gaps as I was to learn. A little while ago having carried out a search of the forum (but obviously not comprehensively enough) I submitted a question concerning a particular problem I was having with a finished DVD only to receive a reply referring me to the very same question I had asked before my TGA episode - the reply I must add was very polite and helpful. However, I had no recollection of having asked the question previously and was very surprised when I saw it there in black and white so please remember when replying to a question "things may not be as they seem".
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    A fair point - sometimes (just as in 'real' life) a question can be asked that can make the replier exasperated. Usually because the same question has been asked a million times and a simple search would reveal the answer, or a Google would achive the same result. Even though the answer might be 'sharp' - at least there usually is an answer.

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