Hi everyone, this is my first post on this forum, and I'm glad this seems to be a great group of dedicated video enthusiasts.

So my problem is within Corel's VideoStudio Pro X4, I'm definitely an amateur at this program so I'm not surprised I'm stuck like I am. I am supposed to be editing a film i shot on a DV camera, I have all the footage in, Ive split the different shots up in the folder area in the program. I drag a clip to the workspace, I try to make some "L" cuts to have audio playing that leads in to its clip, but the problem I'm having is when i go to "split the Audio" form the video by right clicking on the video track, it only splits the first 1.11 seconds of the clips audio and i suppose deletes the rest. Ive also tried to just drag the clip right into the audio track and the same thing happens, just 1.11 sec, only it deletes the video as well here. I just cant seem so to successfully separate the audio from the video. Can Anyone Help?