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    Default Vote for one of my final Six...

    I am just a novice at this that wants to do some family video editing for my son in the military and small private projects. But with all the research I have done on the internet I seem to see bad reviews for just about every Editing Software I have looked at. To a person with limited knowledge such as myself, I have no idea if the bad reviews are just written by a few jilted users, or if they represent the majority. So to make my final decision I was hoping that the knowledgeable people in this forum can help me make my decision by either voting for one of my Final Six, or recommending one of them.

    I have just chosen these from my local Best Buy, I have a 32 Bit Lap Top, and I want to have the ability to download from DVD’s to SD Cards, videos may be 30 minutes at the longest.

    In random order…
    1. Adobe Premiere Elements 10
    2. Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Suite
    3. Cyberlink Power Director 10 Ultra
    4. Roxio Creator Pro 2012
    5. Magix Movie Edit Pro MX
    6. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Collection 15
      Thank You Very Much!!!

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    If I were just setting out in video editing, I would go for Vegas. I've used premiere for 10 years, mainly because I started using it, so it has been cheapest to upgrade.

    Vegas tends to be the most supported on this forum; it can be complicated to master, but powerful to use.
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    I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.0 and get on very well with it ... easy to use, with in-built tutorials should you need them.

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