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Thread: The Glass Darkly - Short Film

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    Talking The Glass Darkly - Short Film

    Hey everyone,

    It's been a while since I posted on here so I thought I would return with a new piece I have done.

    This was for my personal project at my university, it is based off a Poem I wrote called 'Trapped'

    Hope you like it.


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    Hi Nick, there’s nothing personal in what I say, I just say what I see.

    I liked the over head stage lighting it really suited the piece but a few of the shots are a little over exposed. For example look at the car at 22 secs you've lost all the detail in the white and the dolls hair is blooming. I loved the edit at 30 seconds it really got me thinking, things like, she's got hairy legs but I'm sure they weren't like that, what's going on, these are a blokes legs etc.. after that point I then got what the message of the piece was. I was into what was going on BUT at 2:25 the lifting of the arms didn't match which knocked me out of the narrative. I don't know if that's why I didn't like the door sequence very much, it seemed to go on a bit. I felt as though the editor was playing rather than contributing to the story.

    Also the wobbly door wasn't good, I know if you are on a zero budget you have to make do but it does distract from what is a very sensitive story line. Anyway it gets good again at around 4:07.

    I noticed the focus was a little bit soft at 6:05 which is a shame as that was a key shot. I also thought the end titles are a bit big especially viewing full screen. Perhaps they work on a mobile phone. Also isn’t the usual etiquette of the order of the end titles Director, actors, crew and then music followed by special thanks etc.
    Great music score, it really fitted with the piece. I thought the over all pace was just right and was impressed with the editing (except as mentioned above).

    The logo right at the end really needs addressing as it throws the viewer right out of the mood of the video with a bit of a jolt. Taking you out of the reflection time after the movie.

    Good effort all round and a special mention to the guy in the dress for keeping a straight face.

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    Congrats to Midnight on a very good critique, most of which I agree with.

    I wasn't bothered by the slightly wobbly door - after all it's not meant to be a door in a wall, it's a doorway which the subject walk around and examine from the other side but has difficulty passing through, so I thought it was appropriate. I can see how it can distract some people, but in this instance not me.

    I'm also not sure about the harsh logo. I take your point, but on the other hand it also acts as punctuation: Right. That's the end of it. Back to the real world. A bit like te numerous logos/stingers one gets at the end of US series which totally switch you back to reality.

    My own comments:

    I enjoyed the piece for a while. Initially I was intrigued then as I began to realise what was going on I became interested in where it was going and how it might resolve itself (if at all). Unfortunately, I became rather bored after a while - either the film became repetitive or even a bit "up itself" or, more likely, I just lost the plot. To me it rather dissolved into a lot of moody shots asking the same question.

    If I did miss the point, then fine (although it's a shame I didn't get your message/you failed to communicate your message to this particular insensitive soul), if I didn't miss the point then, harsh as it sounds, I think you could have lost about 3 minutes of the film - good and evocative as much of it was - did it all actually contribute something to the film?

    This is not to say that overall it wasn't a good film. I can see it was painstakingly scripted, filmed and edited. I just wonder whether you were too involved and didn't look at it as an outsider might - or maybe you followed the poem too closely.

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