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Thread: Back to Black cover music video

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    Cool Back to Black cover music video

    Here's a music video of Back to Black covered by my band. We usually don't do covers, but thought that one deserved some creative effort. So here we go - all home made (recording, mixing, filming, etc.) My friends like it - what about you?

    Any comment welcome...

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    I like it. It's an interesting arrangment and the singer is very good. I think the video is fitting with the feel of the song.

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    Thank you Midnight

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    This is good. Maybe a little contrast in the the theme would help push the video along. Really nice idea but I'm thinking used a bit too much or in the same way. The speed and look is good for the song as is the singer. Nicely edited and in time, with some simple but nifty tricks. It wwould be nice to see where you can go with this idea pushing it out of the box that you have well established.

    Cool edit, nicely sung.

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    It's always tough to bring something else to the game and move out of the frame where I've put myself. Next time, I will try to make sure to go out of the box more. Damn. More work! It would certainly be worth it... Thank you Mammoth for your advice.

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