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Thread: SLASH - Short FIlm (Sci-Fi/Thriller)

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    Default SLASH - Short FIlm (Sci-Fi/Thriller)

    My names Ryan Axe and I'm a 19 year old director. This is a student film made on a very low budget and I hope you all enjoy it.

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    I thought the look and feel was just right for the movie. The acting could have been better but I understand they are not pro actors.

    Although the pace seems about right it could possibly do to be tightened up a little as I think 11:29 mins is a bit long for the amount of narrative.

    A pretty good job with the special effects. I especially thought the way he "went into the game" look good. The sound is quite good throughout.

    Not a bad job at all, well done to you and the team.

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    Agree with Midnight. A good job. Some of it was very well cut together - in particular I thought the OTS shots and two shots, followed by the follow shot from 5:20 to 6:11 was a very well done (the only reason I noticed this was after that sequence I realised I hadn't noticed any edits for a while - in my book that's a sign of a well edited sequence!)

    The FX were excellent in that they were not at all overdone. Enough blood splatter to give the idea - not a drop more.

    Shame the cast were all so young. The game narrator shoudl really have been a middle aged or old person to give it a bit more gravitas, but they did well. I bet you had a few laughs traipsing around the woods dressed like that.

    If I had to criticise the film as a whole I'd suggest it was all rather the same pace. There were no peaks and troughs, no real tension and release. Whilst it's possible to do this with acting and music, and to a lesser extent filming, it really needs to come from the script and the issue here was that the script was rather flat - not bad - just all on one level.

    I look forward to the next one.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I agree with both of your comments and have taken them on board for my future projects. I'm glad you enjoyed the film and agree that using older actors would definitely be of a benefit.

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