hi all, I'm trying to make music videos (me playing guitar+singing), and shortly, skateboarding videos, which is a whole different ball game.

Anyway I have a nice canon 550d/T2i, and when I take videos and play em back on the camera, the footage looks lush, as you'd expect from a 550d. But the second I USB the cam into my computer (is it better to just stick the memory card in the PC?), and transfer footage to PC (in 'quicktime' format i think it said), the footage is appalling, looks like 320*180 resolution or something crappy like that. Same if I use the EOS utilities software to 'control the camera live' from my PC. Looks rubbish. Am i missing something? Untill I figure it out I'm leaving all clips on the actual camera where they are safe from this horrendous loss of quality!! any advice much appreciated

anyway I'm looking for a video editor, tried using adobe premier but christ it hogs every last bit of power my PC has!! its a windows 7 quad-core PC as well....are there any decent, free/cheap editors that are simple and effective? and file types, eg. wav, mov, quicktime etc...to get the best quality, do I have to convert the initial file into another type? arrg confusion

thanks v. much for any help/advice on this stuff

ps. having looked at the quality of footage using 'magic lantern' on youtube, (absolutely f***** lush), I'm tempted to explore all that....or am I running before I can walk)