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Thread: Matched third party content YT

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    Default Matched third party content YT

    Hi Guys
    Further to my post a while back re: Title. And Pinnacle Studio 12

    For those of you having the same problem with Youtube. I find it more annoying than anything. The software says Smartsound (owned). Most would be under the impression if you paid for the software you could use the included tracks. Here is a link to the same subject on the Pinnacle forums

    Hope this will enlighten some members.

    It would be great to hear your views and feedback

    Here is a link to the same subject on the Pinnacle forums

    Merry Christmas
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    Since you last posted about this I had an original song that I wrote and played myself. I did use a "well known drum sample loop" but that's all. YouTube flagged it up as matched third party content. MY OWN SONG !

    I emailed then explaining the situation and haven't heard back yet.

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    That's typical. Makes you think if you used your own background noise of a flushing loo they would flag it.
    I have just had another flagged after 4 years on YT. From what I can make out Smartsound say its OK to use for Non-commercial use.
    Would be interesting to hear, if ever you do get a reply back.
    I understand that its a robot like a search engine spider that trawls through the videos looking for copyright stuff and flags it,
    even though it may well be OK to use. Must be more videos on Youtube now than there are websites!

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    Here's a thought. If youtube can pick up on a mixed in drum sample loop, is it possible that the composer of the original Smartsound track ripped someone off with a part of their track?

    You might want to contact Smartsound, they might look further into it. I've always found them very responsive.


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    I have emailed them today Hopefully i will get a response. I will post back here when I hear from them. Could be of interest for other members too.

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    My Youtube channel has around 75 percent third party matched audio. TBH, most of the time the audio is left in place and youtube put a link to itunes or what ever at the side. most of the music i choose is pretty obscure so the artist is getting a bit of promotion. I get to keep the audio and the original artist may get to make a few bob from a download. its a win win situation. Obviously the down side to this is youtube could pull my channel at any time.

    edit: you'd be suprised at the amount of people who ask what the music is or who its by so obviously causing a bit of interest for the artist.
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    That's fine so long as you don't have your videos "monetised" as they call it. If you have monetised a video that gets matched, it will be deleted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    That's fine so long as you don't have your videos "monetised" as they call it. If you have monetised a video that gets matched, it will be deleted.
    isnt this where you make money from the video ?

    i have been asked if i want to make money from 2 of mine. one has had 170k hits i dont own the music so i declined the offer. maybe i should swap out the music ? LOL!

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    LOL I don't think someone who gets such few hits as myself will ever get rich from it but there are some people who can make a modest living from it. I guess if you promote your stuff a lot, then you will eventually get an audience.

    Just for a laugh, I monetised my videos and I think I've earned 3p so far. So every one should view my videos a number of times everyday to help me pay for my daughters education.

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    I have just had a response from Smartsound. They requested the links to the videos and claimant names. I have have now supplied as requested. Will post back results from them here. So stay tuned.

    I always thought these copyright owners were a bit paranoid, you would think they would be pleased using their music as its advertizing for them. Oh of course I forgot they're swamped with all the money they are making.

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