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Thread: What camera does Sharp Slow motion footage?

  1. Default What camera does Sharp Slow motion footage?

    Hi guys

    I'm currently filming on HDR HC3 and HDR HC9 both sony, I've been using these a while now, they are great camera's. My one niggle is the slow motion is slightly blurred, its no where near as sharp as normal footage. example - watch my "ascesion" video on my website Extreme Kiteboarding, lots of slow motion stuff in there and you can see no where near as sharp.

    Does anyone have some suggestions of a nice HD camera that will shoot sharp slow motion images, also these cameras only capture 3 seconds, I'd ideally like to capture atleast 6-10.

    Also looking for affordable, im not very rich!

    Cheers, Dave

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    I'm not sure I can recommend a spesific camera but if you look for one that can shoot at 50 frames per second this will help you get a nicer slow mo image.

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    anyone else know which camera's I should get to get a nice crisp slow mo image?

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    panasonic sd700

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