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Thread: JVC GR-DX77 - JVC PIX-MVC Video Capture, Not Working

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    Default JVC GR-DX77 - JVC PIX-MVC Video Capture, Not Working

    I have the above, a JVC GR-DX77 camcorder, and have been supplied with a CD-ROM labelled USB Driver, which includes Digital Photo Navigator Ver 1.0, a G.726 Decoder and ImageMixer Ver 1.7. The problem is, my laptop will not read the disc, as it won't read any discs I put into it, no idea why.

    I tried to download ImageMixer with VCD Ver.1.1.2 myself from (, but upon setup I receive this message;

    'In order to use this function, ImageMixer VDC must be installed'

    I get confused by that, because isn't that what I'm trying to set up myself?

    Anyway, I gave up on that and connected the camcorder through my USB, my computer Finds New Hardware and I install automatically, it says it is done but it does not work, it just starts over again, asking me if I want to install from location or automatically.

    I open up Windows Movie Maker and I get this message;

    'A video capture device was not detected. Verify that a device is turned on and connected properly, and then try again'

    I try again. No luck. Can anyone help? Any help would be appreciated

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    It;s a miniDV cam. Throw away the USB cable () and use firewire.

    And WELCOME to the forums!


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