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Thread: MP4 Rendering fault, can anyone help

  1. Default MP4 Rendering fault, can anyone help

    I can't render in mp4 in sony vegas 11, under the option MainConcept AVC/AAC (*.mp4)

    I can render other mp4 under different categories but they dont allow enough customisation of the video. this isnt a memory issue.

    "An error occured while creating the media file **.mp4.

    The reason for the error could not be determined."

    Is the warning message I get each time, has anyone else had this problem or ideas how to solve it?

    Many Thanks, Dave

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    Have you tried rendering using CPU only (custom /encode mode setting), if that's optional ? Or checked the driver updates?
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    I've tried different custom settings, i'm not sure how to turn off the gpu on that render.

    Updates by downloading and installing the latest vegas?

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    If you are using Vegaspro 11, the latest build is 510/32-bit and 511/64-bit (out a few days ago), but maybe you should wait for a while before updating. Read user comments and make a decision later.
    If you are rendering using one of the MainConcept AVC templates, pick your preferred template there and click Customize. Then under Video you see "encode mode" and IF you have a GPU that in Vegas supports GPU acceleration of video processing (see in Preferences / Video), choose "Render using CPU only"(in that "encode mode").
    For GPU driver updates, see your Nvidia/ATI/your card maker's web site. Before any updates set a restore point in Windows.
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    This sort of error can occur if you have conflicting settings. This unlikely as there are only a few options for this format. What did you change in the custom options. Another silly thing I've done in the past is try and write a file while I've still got a copy of it open in Windows Media Player. Trying this gives me, the unhelpful, standard error message.

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    By jove I think you've done it! I've tried every option and none worked. but turning off the gpu worked! Nice work, thank you very much!

    It was indeed in custom options, under Encoding settings/options.

    Strange this only happens with MP4's!

    Thats two videos I can now upload, my methane mamba and my "Ascension Kiteboarding"

    Thank you again!

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