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    I am a keen cinematographer, I am studying film and media at sixth form college.

    I am posting this thread to say that I am trying to get some work to do with camerawork and cinematography.

    If anyone wants to hire me for a job, I can go out and film around my local countryside, or I can film in the town of Cambridgeshire. I can go out and film footage for as little as 20, as money isn't what I am after, I am after the experience for my university application so I can get a degree in cinematography.

    Below are examples of my previous work -

    If you would like to hire me for any jobs, please message me on this forum, reply to this thread or use the youtube video to message me on YouTube. Please state what you would like filmed, and I can tell you if it is possible/

    Thanks everyone

    Red Spectrum Pictures
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    Watching this video has made me laugh, I know more about cameras than just pointing and shooting. I know everything about rules, including rule of thirds, I know about the 180 degree rule and how to use it within a dialogue sequence within a short film.

    I am shooting a short 'film noir' style film tomorrow, and I am using my full lighting set up, (stated in the video he doesn't have lights, I do).

    So please don't go posting a response like that. I am ver.y into filmmaking, and wish to pursue it as a career when I am older

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSpectrumPictures View Post
    ... I know everything about rules ...So please don't go posting a response like that.
    I rest my case.

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    For a senior member, you seem like a douche. I am only 16 years old, I have ambitions to do something with my life. No wonder so many teens grow up not doing anything with their life's, because adults like you dont give them a chance or any motivation.

    I am active on a lot of forums, and I am welcomed nicely into the forums, you have just gave this forum a bad impression.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedSpectrumPictures View Post seem like a douche. I am only 16 years old...
    Okay young man, let's have a reality check here. You are a schoolboy who has come into the Professional section of this forum. You have claimed to be a Cinematographer, which you are not, and you have posted four mediocre video clips, despite the rules clearly stating that only one clip should be posted.

    If you had posted in the USER VIDEOS section you would have been guided gently, your mistakes pointed out and guidance given. By claiming to be a professional you have opened yourself up to ridicule as you are nowhere near the standard required to earn a living as a "Cinematographer".

    I posted the clip:

    I must be a DP. I just bought a 7D - YouTube

    As a gentle way of pointing out to you that, as a schoolboy, you aren't a professional, nor a cinematographer, nor "studying film". It was a way of showing you that you are doing what the boy in the cartoon is doing, namely over-selling yourself. It obviously hit a nerve as you reacted aggressively instead of thinking "what are they trying to tell me here?".

    So, instead of claiming to be a cameraman with "full lighting set up" who is willing to work for 20 a day and kindly letting the client know if what he wants filmed "is possible". I suggest you find a video club to join, a local videographer to assist listen to your teachers and gain a bit of knowledge and experience before calling me a "douche".

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