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    I have recently got into filming fireworks, what do people think of my first attempt?


    Red Spectrum Pictures

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    Ok if it was your first time doing it it was ok. I liked some of the out of focus bits but it went on too long. When you do a shoot like this try and vary the distance of the shots to give it some variety. Zoomed in is ok but it would be good to see some zoomed out as well. Also take the auto focus off, once you have your focus, switch it onto manual focus mode.

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    Hey thanks for the reply, I appreciate the response. I didnt know what to expect when the fireworks started, so I sort of just filmed anything I was using manul focus the whole time, I thought switching from the bokeh look to in focus would look good, however I do agree it looks like the camera is struggling to focus

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    Well, I'm pleasantly suprised it was all manual focus throughout. As I said I liked some of it but in this piece it just went on a bit too long.

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