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Thread: Suggestion for a professional who will take my +100 videos and make a movie for me?

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    Default Suggestion for a professional who will take my +100 videos and make a movie for me?

    I have taken over 100 videos varying in length between 30 seconds and 3 minutes over the past 4 years using various cameras I have bought (nikon coolpix, canon smart shot, other off the shelf point and shoot cameras).

    Can you suggest an online site where I could send this huge number of videos, and have them combine them and make a nice movie for me?

    I have used moviemaker, spent hours loading in videos, and cried after so many crashes. I bought a new computer primarily for Photoshop Premiere, and for the past 30 days, after multiple forums/questions etc, just cannot get enough of the "codecs" or whatever else I need to to make it work.

    So I have resorted to this route. Any suggestions? I see a lot of sites like fotobridge which take my photographs, scan them, and convert them into dvd photos. Any websites/services where somilar can be done with a whole bunch of videos?

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    A lot of videographers offer this kind of service. Try a few wedding videographers.
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    If you had a pc you should try Sony Vegas Pro. I'm pretty sure you can load in many different types of files into the same project. Its a stable program, meaning its not going to crash (depending on your pc i suppose) and its has a user friendly interface. You should try getting that and working at your own pace. By the time you have finished you will be a pro movie maker! lol!
    Good luck with it!

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    e-mail this guy

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    if he doesnt want to do it, I can.. but he's asked for work on the forums already.. is my e-mail check my new videos at Kitesurf lessons in Essex, Kite surfing, Kite board lessons, kite buggy lessons +power kite flying lessons Essex, East Anglia, Clacton if you would like to see previous work.

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    i could do it. email me at if you are interested

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