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Thread: My DIY projects.

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    Default My DIY projects.

    I'm on a budget and I like to have to same stuff the pros have so I build most my stuff..
    I know there are many guys out there just like me and I figure I produce some DIY vids to help.

    DIY JIB crane
    DIY Jib Crane Cheap and Better. - YouTube

    DIY Steadicam arm and vest
    DIY Steadicam Arm and Vest / Flycam Nano DSLR - YouTube

    DIY shotgun Mic, Shock mount boom and dead cat
    Shotgun Mic Shock Mount Boom and Dead Cat - YouTube

    more videos to come and it there are any builds you like me to make let me know.

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    Nice job. You've made some nice looking stuff.

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    thank you for watching

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    Nice... inventive!!

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