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Thread: Dizzie Rascal Parody

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    Red face Dizzie Rascal Parody

    Bedford Rascal Music Video from the Ouse Valley Singles Club

    First up we are not trained in film which is noticeable, also this is the first time that the Cam operator used a DSLR (normally he uses to the Sony Z1). In Fact we are all from E15 acting school, that includes that Band "Ouse Valley Singles Club". That being said We have been working on and in film as a hobby really for the past 4 years. This is in no way a culmination of our work but it is a good starting point for evaluating out work. More coming soon..

    With Apprehension we await your responses..

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    I enjoyed that. The video and film work together better than either would do alone. I'm sure I'd miss some of the lyrics without the visual prompts.
    It was well edited perfect pace for the subject and there was a good mix of shots, both of what I'd call "general" shots (illustrating nothing in particular) and specific, illustrative shots (eg the sofa or the choke).
    On the down side many of the shots seemed a bit over exposed and some a bit under exposed. Furthermore a lot of shots had too much light coming from one direction (eg half the face in light, the other half in shadow). A bit more thought to lighting and/or placement of the artistes shoudl be able to improve this immensly.

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    I liked it. I think this is a good example of content over quality. Very clever lyrics and amusing visuals. I take note that the camera man wasn't use to the camera so I'm sure he'll get better with it. Having said that I thought it was put together well and like Tim said a good variety of shots.

    Well done.

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    I enjoyed it as well!

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    Cheers for the comments. We have some more projects on the horizon and many in the bag to share..

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