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    hello people,
    I just brought a blue suit for chromakey , and I was just wondering if I could do this with it
    LightStone Animation - Judo Mocap - YouTube

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    No I don't think so. This is a motion capture session capturing Judo from Daniel Camarillo with the Moven system underneath a chroma key suit.

    THIS is what you do with a chroma suit.
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    Yeah.. would like to have a play with one of those!

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    so there is no other way to do that without moven?

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    There are several motion capture systems which rely on multiple sensors placed at various parts of the body. No green suit required.
    Without any sensors, it is still possible to do some motion capture. Although rather primitive, the Microsoft Kinect system is an example.
    However it is captured, one then needs software to display the motion using CGI characters.

    In the past few years there seems to have been a drop in prices for suitable sensors. Even some phones have accelerometers. But the current prices of commericial motion capture software are still too high for me.

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    they used this technique even in "a christmas carol"

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