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    Hey everyone! My name is Kevin, I'm from southern New Hampshire and recently got into the video industry of cars. I like making short promos, here is my latest video check it out C&C appreciated always looking to get better!

    youtube:Midnight Civic Si - YouTube

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    Definitely shows your first use of a slider. Somewhat overused, and a few wobbly moments. But, thought went into a wide variety of shots and positions, which was good. A bit more close up detail would have been good, particularly anything that lights up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marc Peters View Post
    Somewhat overused,
    Rather understated! I began to feel motion sickness afer 30 secs. Can't add anything to what Marc's succinct comments.

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    As above but also I found it just a little dark. I liked the video as a whole and thought it was cut well to the music.

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    thanks a lot for the comments!, I guess I was just overly excited to use the slider, didnt have a handi cam to get any other smooth shots.

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