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Thread: Need advice on what to buy next. PLEASE HELP!!!!

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    Default Need advice on what to buy next. PLEASE HELP!!!!

    A little about myself, i have recently graduated from university and im currently looking for work in the tv/film industry. for the past year i have been using the canon 500D, was great for the budget i was on but im now looking to step things up. Im looking for a camera that will be able to showcase my talent and produce the best quality for my work. I was going to buy a canon 7D but i started thinking that maybe i should be looking at a dedicated video camera? Im looking to spend around 2000-2500 maybe going higher if its worth it. just looking to gain some advice on the matter and if someone could suggest some camera's i could start looking at. the type of things im looking to be able to film are music videos, short films and VFX shorts. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Have a look at the Panasonic AF101 at around 4000 if you can't go that high take a look at the Sony FS100 at around 3000.

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    If I had that sort of budget, I'd be looking seriously at the Canon XF100. 50mbps & 4:2:2 colour space. Records on 2 CF cards so you can flip flop between if you have long sessions to record.
    This year a pro wildlife documentary cameraman/editor/producer joined our club. As you can imagine he has a wide collection of cameras (he gave us an evening once where he brought along a load of kit). He swears by this little beauty.
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    My two pennorth - don't forget when you're budgeting to allow for all the extras like tripod, lights, mics.... and so on...

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