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Thread: Which HD Camcorder would you recommend for Youtube videos ?

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    Default Which HD Camcorder would you recommend for Youtube videos ?

    Hello, total newbie here, both to the forum and to the world of video and photography.

    If this question is in the wrong place, please do forgive me, and also, I am sure it may have been asked many times before ...

    I need an HD Camcorder to shoot Youtube videos, of two types, one will be demonstrations of me playing the guitars what I build, and the other will be a "workshop tour" type video, showing how I build them.

    So, sound quality is important, and also ease of editing (like I say , I am a total newbie to this)

    Any recommendations welcomed.

    I have no ambitions whatsoever to become the next Martin Scorsese, if I can get away with spending under 200 I will be delighted.

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    There is no particular camera that can be recommended in your price range so just by the best you can BUT take note any camera you get ANY CAMERA YOU GET will have poor mics on it, so you HAVE to get a separate audio recording solution as well even if this is just a plug in mic that you can use for closes micing like a clip on mic.

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    Thank you, and point taken about the separate mic.

    Just out of interest, how far up the price ladder would I have to climb before encountering a camera that could be recommended ?

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    At the sort of price range your looking at you might be better off looking for a digital camera that can shoot video. Like the Sony HX range or Panasonic TZ range or similar. For the audio get you self a Zoom H2 and a nice clip on mic for any dialogue or the Zooms internal stereo mics if you don't mind holding a mic in your hand. For the demo of the guitar the Zooms mics will do a pretty good job.

    Another possible route is looking through Ebay but I wouldn't recommend this if you don't know what your looking for.

    Good luck.

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    OK, thanks for the advice, I guess I don't really need a camcorder if a digital camera will suffice.

    I actually do own a Panasonic DMC FX-35, which I have only ever used for uploading pictures to Ebay, and it has never given me any problems (but of course it doesn't do HD video), so on that basis the choice will be the Panasonic TZ20, which appears to get pretty good reviews, and which I can get for 184.00 from Dixons.

    Thanks again for your help.

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