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Thread: Burning to DV causes loss of quality

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    Default Burning to DV causes loss of quality

    I filmed some video on my Canon 500d SLR in the maximum video quality. When I played it back on the pc it looked awesome, but when I burnt it to DVD using Windows 7 and Movie Maker it looked bad on a 23 inch screen, what am I doing wrong here.

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    We would have to know exactly what you did to be able to answer your question properly. If you shot in HD and then burnt a DVD this has redused the resolution to SD but having said that this should not make the image look bad.

    If you can be specific about your settings this might help us to help you.

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    Thanks for you reply, I am new to video so bare with me. I shot in HD, it created a .mov file that looked great on my PC like a hollywood option. In windows movie maker 2011 I chose the burn to DVD option. It burnt the DVD and I played it back on my LCD screen about 23inch screen. I realise that it won't look HD, but it looked worse than DVD like a bad VHS video (without the blurry lines)

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    To be honest there is little you can do because WMM is very limited in it's options. When the Windows DVD Maker box comes up press on the options link this opens up an options box. Make sure you have the PAL option selected. This is for UK or NTSC for USA. The aspect ratio will want to be 16:9 and that's it for the options.

    The only thing I can recommend, if these settings are correct and you get a bad image, is to get some different software.

    Sorry if that's not helpful.

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    Have been doing my own research, as well on the vimeo site its says you have to change compression settings to upload best quality to Vimeo, is there similiar compression settings for DVD, if so what are they is shows how to change compression settings. I don't want to spend big money on a video eidtor as it is only for home use.

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    That's part of the problem there are no other options to change things in the DVD burning section. You can get something like Sony Vegas Studio under fifty quid. It has more options than you can shake a stick at but is also very user friendly and you can get help from this forum if you get stuck. There may be free download software on the net but I'm not familiar with any of them.

    One last thought is to watch the DVD on your normal TV, it might just be better than the 23 inch screen you tried because of the way it deals with interlaced images.

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