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Thread: New to making videos and I would love some criticism thank you

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    Default Quitting smoking (I'm new help please)

    OK So I have just randomly started making short videos (I call them skits, Cause thats what a lot of other people call them I know ha ha)
    But The only feedback i have gotten is good feedback. Which isn't a bad thing... But most is just from family and close friends.

    So Here is my most popular one (I have made 4 so far):

    Popular as in 100+ views ha ha I'm not expecting much right now XD.
    So If any one can give me advice on what I need to improve on, What I did right, Ect.

    If you want to, You can also check out my other 3 vids and do the same. (the first 2 had lighting problems because I am a newbie at this ha ha)

    Thanks hope to get some good criticism from you

    Edit: I LOL'd at the "windows movie maker" status thing I have XD made my night ha ha
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    One thing I found about this movie was the editing was off. You seem to come in a few frames to early on each scene. This made the over all pace of the piece seem slow. It's like waiting half a second for the scene to start.

    I'll tell you the secret of making a movie 10 times better without changing any of the filming and that is getting great sound. So make your next investment, a nice external microphone and learn how to use it and you movies will be instantly better.

    The funny sound FX every hour was far to loud compared to the rest of the movie. Do a study on "the rule of thirds" to improve your framing.

    That should be enough to keep you busy till next year.

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    Ya That video I focused on fixing the lighting issues ha ha XD. I will make my next one with an external mic and put a bit more effort into the editing Thanks for the feedback that I can use ha ha.

    edit: Just found out mics go up around 150+ bucks XD ha ha. Might have to wait after Christmas on that one.
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