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Thread: My new award-winning Short Film

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    Default My new award-winning Short Film

    Hi guys my name is Dan Allen,

    I am 17 and an award-winning film director. I know most of you may not read this but I just wanted to share with you guys my latest short film 'Husky' and find out what you think and as movie buffs maybe give me some feedback etc? I have been working my ass off towards a career in the film industry since i could press the record button on my mum's old DV camera and haven't looked back since!

    You can check out my film here: Husky

    Thanks very much for your time and have a wonderful day


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    Good job!

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    Excellent. Are you sure your only 17 ?

    I thought it was a very mature story. I loved the intertwined narrative which took us on an emotional journey with very clever twists and turns. A few to many Dutch tilts for my personal taste but technically it was mostly very good with just a few sound issues on the odd dialog scene ( bit roomy). There was a few clever camera shots like the pan up when the girl lost the balloon.

    Been a bit of a film nerd, I thought I was in for the "usual student film" when I saw the in car shots badly framed etc. BUT then I got into the story and my nerd hat fell off and I became just a viewer. This is a good indication that the story and editing is good. I thought the film was caste really well with all the rolls looking right for their part and all the principle actors playing their rolls well.

    I think I must be being a bit dumb because I don’t know why the film is called Husky.

    You did a great job with this movie and should be very proud of this movie.

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