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Thread: New Guy, with a software question... (I am Stumped)

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    Question New Guy, with a software question... (I am Stumped)

    Hi, I have been making personal home videos of my family with the basic Windows Movie Maker just for home use. But just recently I went to a local store looking to buy a basic Movie Editing Software package to get more advanced with my editing. This store carries editing software in the price range of $49.00, to $150.00. Here's the problem, I am stumped with which one to go with because I have no prior experience in this field.

    I do know that I would prefer a user friendly software for a beginner, yet can offer a lot of options for editing.

    Thanks for your time, and any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sony Vegas Studio is a great piece of software at around $50 and you can get lots of help for it on here if you get stuck.

    I'm sure other people will have different opinions.

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    I would download some trial versions before I stumped up any money, I've just changed to Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 Plus and wish I had found it sooner before spending a small fortune on editing programs I no longer use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Sony Vegas Studio is a great piece of software

    Ka Ching lol

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    Hi, i noticed that you r using magix pro 17. I have just installed 15 on my sons laptop as he is trying to use the footage he has recorded in HD on his new GoPro Hero 2 HD camera. I would like some advice if possible. When he goes into Magix to edit, the footage is jerky or choppy, especially the slow mo stuff. We have downloaded all the Divx Codecs and have enough memory in the lap top. is there a specific process to downloading / importing the file to prevent this? Any help would be appreciated

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    Hey Skyfire

    Join the club my friend I use WMM on my very old computer (20th century) no joke.

    And I really like it but your question is something that I too have been thinking about. When I come to upgrade I will probably be going for “Vegas” probably a cheap non HD version of Amazon for about 25.

    It seems a lot of senior members rate it highly as being both user friendly and solid good software which I must admit ticks all the boxes for me!!!

    So I feel in the near future I will be joining you Skyfire on your leap from simplicity to complexity!!!

    All the best and let us know how you get on wit hyour new software.

    Good I love how simple WMM 2.1 is ….

    So I am asking the same question what software after WMM as natural next step in complexity.

    Cheers Skyfire

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