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Thread: Needing Help W/Motion Tracking.

  1. Default Needing Help W/Motion Tracking.

    Okay. I have the basirfx plgun for motion tracking on Vegas. And of course theres masking. But I need to know how people make a mask on something that's moving, like where a mask tracks a moving object, for ex like I'm running in a field and I want the 3d text from cinema 4d behind me but while I'm running, not a screen shot though. Any way I can do this? YouTube tutorial? I've seen this mask effect on soooooo many videos. Any clue?
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    I think you mask in the normal way as if the object is still and the Boris FX will do the rest.See this video How to motion track in Sony Vegas Pro 10 [REAL MOTION TRACKING] [Tutorial] - YouTube

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    Alright thanks.

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