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Thread: Canon 1100D Quality test[Picture & Video]

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    Red face Canon 1100D Quality test[Picture & Video]

    Heelo everybody, this is my first post and i would just like to mention how wonderful it is to be here. I first spotted the forums scrolling around youtube and i thought cool people i can relate in and hopefully get some great criticiscm to reach the position i would like.

    Anyway i'm here to show my Canon 1100D test take a look and tell me what you think.

    Canon 1100D Quality test[Picture & Video]HD 720p - YouTube

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    Firstly you need to learn how to use the manual settings on your camera, The focus is all over the place. Secondly the music is just not fitting with the visuals.

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    Please please please use a tripod!It will make a huge difference to the video side!

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    Will do Bpotter908!

    @Midnight Blue: Still trying to learn it, but is there any tips/tutorials to help me out on this? will be much appriciated.


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